Galina IV

* 28th April 1995

Thoroughbred Arabian mare (polish-egytian), rigid measure: 150 cm

breeder: Cornelia Kiebler, owner: Sabine Brockamp

  Galina IV

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Galina is our "talent". She is full of ideas, if the task is to open fodder bins or stalls, to disintegrate or rupture fences, jump over or somehow scramble through them. To these techniques we also owe the fact, that over the years we were allowed to call more and more horses our own. If Galina casually was not on heat but already in foal, at least she enabled Zara and Pharao to have an amorous tête-à-tête. When procreating foal number four I originally had tied Pharao and Galina next to each other at the grooming place. Because Pharao generally is so well-behaved, this normally does not pose any problems. But Galina, the ingenious, did use the time during I brought away the grooming equipment and fetched the saddlery for a premiere and casually untied herself. When I returned with the saddle I had to find out that the place on her back was already occupied. Pharao, which was still tied, presented an acrobatic tour de fource and Galina inculpably gazed at me. I thought to myself "Well, the first shot need not also be a success..." - Amira was born on the 9th of october 2007. With foal number five Galina all in a sudden stud piecefully in Pharao's paddock one morning. The mare's paddock was divided from Pharao's paddock by two fences 1,60m high and about 1m apart. In-Between the woden crossbars there were two additional rows of electric strips. The fence was completely intact and Galina did not have any wounds as well. We don't know till this day how she did get there (possibly beaming??)


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