Gamil ibn Pharao

 * 11th July 2006

Thoroughbred Arabian gelding (polish-egyptian), rigid measure: 152 cm

breeder and owner: Sabine Brockamp

 Gamil ibn Pharao

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At foal age Gamil was a real daredevil and roughneck. A real smalll, black devil! He passed his childhood like many of our foals at the Röhn. At an age of three has was gelded and no one would have believed it less than me, the daredevil became a large, black dog. Whereever I go in his  paddock, Gamil follows shadows me. He and his two younger full siblings Amira and Gazin really excel everything I hitherto came to know about people-orientated horses! Now we start with his riding education and even under the saddle he's a real sweatheart, who always aims to do everything right.


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