Zaras Legolas

* 13th August 2005

Thoroughbred Arabian gelding, rigid measure: 152 cm

breeder and owner: Vivien Sonnek

 Zaras Legolas

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„How about Zaras Legolas?“

Zaras Legolas? You cannot call an Arabian like that ...“

Since this dialogue almost six years have passed. Back then Legolas was still a small foal and meanwhile he became a capable riding horse which every Bedouin would prodly put into his tent if he wasn't a gelding. He has a more atheletic fundament than many „modern Show-Arabians“ and also a dished head is only hinted. Nevertheless he sends out a lot of nobleness and not seldomly draws the attention. This he especially claims from his mistress. He is a very affectionate but unintrusive horse. As soon as I approach the stables he follows me with his eyes for everything I do until I leave again - even when he's eating he's observing my activities. Which owner could resist this invitation? Even when mucking out he's following me around his paddock and is glad about every stroke.

I always say he's my model student, as he usually behaves during training as if he wanted an A+ (with a star). This does not exclude that he's bucking every once in a while or would prefer to go a bit more speedy than I allow him, but he's a creature and a young horse besides. It would be eldritch if he would be doing his work like a machine and not everyone gets along with his sensitive character.

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