August 2018

Some references to picture galeries got broken and were repaired.

Februrary 2016

No new content, but meanwhile there were a lot of broken (mainly external) links and some typos left. Repaired and corrected them. Upgraded the CMS to the current version.

January 2015

New tournament photos from Urberach added to the the galery.

June 2013

Vollblutaraber.info is relocating! Well, of course not the website but we, the operators. We realized our longtime dream and bought an old farm on the brink of the Luneburg Heath. Here our horses can live now in their open stable directly besides our house. And many of the compromises and limitations that we had to go into with our old open stable simply dissolved into thin air. Of course now the website is lined up behind a bit, we are very busy with renovations and modifications according to our ideas, so that there's only little time left. But as soon as we are done with this other times will come again and then we want to document here what's new. And who wants to visit Vollblutaraber.info - this will be possible in the future. We habe the space and the possibility to offer a holiday flat and guest boxes for horses. If everything works out as intended this will be the case starting around spring of 2014, you may holiday with your horse here. More about this on our sibling website Offenstall.de.

July 2012

For amusement Galina has been spashed out on an extra page showing how she opens box doors. smiley

May 2012

Added the latest sports achievements. Repaired some broken links.

April 2012

We grieve for our mare Zara. For many years she had problems with melanoma, as they often tend to occur in gray horses. Sadly, now we finally had to put her down.

November 2011

Our sister site www.offenstall.de has a new article about the exasperating, neverending subject horse taxes.

October 2011

Finally we have finished the English translation of the homepage! Phew, this was quite a lot of work to find out all those technical terms! And we have a new section of tournament photos.

September 2011

Added several autumn pictures to the startpage randomizer.

July 2011

Started the English homepage translation.

June 2011

Supplementary texts for Zayana and Zaras Legolas. Added some additional data for our horses. Updated sport achievements. Repaired sitemap.

February 2011

Some pictures added, resorted and improved. New: Image galery of Nashra. And now Zayana yawns for all of us!

January 2011

Finally something's happening! After our homepage hasn't seen any update for all kinds of reasons for a long, long time, we ultimately found the time and leisure to tackle the project "Homepage Relaunch". The site is now based on a modern CMS (Content Management System), making it much easier to change or add something quickly. By far not everything is finished, but a start has been made and we wanted this to be online speedily!

Stay tuned! 

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